WinUnace for W95/98/NT

WinUnace is a small program that was created for those that have little knowledge of Dos.
Its just a small shell part that helps you depack the releases from the Game Scene.

So why should you use it ?

    - Maybe your fed up with some of the installers from the cracking groups.
    - Some of the install/intro files might be missing or are corrupted.
    - It looks better in your privated Game collection.

What other advantages are there ?

    - WinUnace will overwrite Files from an incomplete/fucked up previous install
( could be you were running out of space on your HD )
    - There is a CANCEL option in the depack box.
    ( install/depack can be stopped at any time )
    - You can open the ACE archives as Read Only.
    - Its only 2 files you need to depack " unace.exe & unace.dll "
    - The Depack box provides plenty of space to go down a shitload of directories.

D/L WinUnace

Only thing the program doesn't ask is to create a Destination Directory.
You have this option in the first box that pops up when your locating your ACE files.

In this same box you can select the File Types, if you ain't sure about what is used
choose the " Ace files " option.
This will list both the files with "game.ace" or "game.c01" in the directory your going through.

Will there be any updates to this program ? We haven't got a clue yet..

Programming by Radium
Text by Sledge

Unace is copyright by Marcel Lemke