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One of the C=64 members of Hotline made the Amiga move... He found somebody who could crack and soon he had some fast supply of originals thanks to modem trading. Since     the main interest of this guy was  making money out of all this , he quickly made enemies. After less then a year the main man and leader of Hotline Amiga got busted. All this was        made possible, since one of his enemies put his adres in one of the cracking intro's and spread this out into the lamer / buyer scene.

I myself was to busy at the time with running the 64 crew, so a lot had happened with Hotline Amiga that i never had much to say  in or had any knowledge of. In the end it was proberly for the best.. more then 1 leader in a group simply dont work.. To bad the group had to go down the drain because of an arrest..

The names of the members i dont know..i forgot about them. Must have been 4 guyz that was in the group at the time.

So had Hotline Amiga made any real impact  onto the Amiga scene ? I dont think so, they had some fast and first cracks but after they merged with other crews like World of Wonders and later on a few other groups everything came to a quik stop when the leader got burned. All this has happened back in '87, a quick start and a quick death.

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