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Disclaimer :

Any accusations or claims towards us are useless in any form of rational thinking, in whatever shape possible on this planet. All these stories written down here might be pure fiction or speculation of a twisted mind.. That's for you to decide..

Cracking & Hacking has been done for the pure pleasure of having a challenge in life and on the computer, it was never intended to cause major damage towards the software industry. Its easy to loose perspective of all this, when your the victim of these actions. As long as there are computers this sort of things will continue to happen no matter what the consequences are.

This was used to create this site :

Frontpage 98 for the HTML stuff, a few Java applets and bits of Javascript to get the whole damn show on the Internet road. Other programs used to do some converting and animations were Lview Pro & Gif Animator from Ulead. Everything was tested and fixed to run properly on Netscape 4.0 & Explorer 4.0 on PC & Apple. And CuteFTP was used to port across to my I-net provider.  The resolution that i used to make these pages are in 1152 * 864, but it should view properly in a resolution of 800 * 600 as well. The Graphics were created with Photoshop 5.0 and Lightwave 5.6.  

I haven't tested anything on this site on any lower versions of Netscape & Explorer. You know the deal.. get the latest versions ! 


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