Logo samples

all the logo's on this page are modelled in Lightwave, rendered on a white backdrop (128x128 pixels) 16 frames, except the Old Atari logo, which is 24 frames.
Do not use these samples for your webpage as these are only samples. If you want it customized drop me an email.
There are currently 24 logos available, but more coming up.

Move your pointer over one of the images to see these animations


Atari (Hasbro) - Commodore 64 - Commodore Amiga - Sinclair - Silicon Graphics - Windows PC - Atari (old) - Acorn Electron - MSX - MacIntosh


Super Nintendo - Sony Playstation - Sega Dreamcast - Nintendo 64
Atari Jaguar - PC Engine - Neogeo - Sega


SNKs Neogeo Pocket - Atari Lynx



Atari (Midway)


Palm Pilot - Gameboy Cartridge - DVD Video